Massimo Trulli

A new and contemporary femminity

MASSIMO TRULLI brand is born as a natural evolution of a thirty-year artistic activity, combined with passion for fashion of its designer and creator, the artist Massimo Trulli.

The philosophy of Massimo Trulli is based on the blend between art and fashion, exclusivity, quality, originality and beauty of his creations, thus offering his customers something unique and irresistible.

Choose a product signed MASSIMO TRULLI®, means being part of a unique brand, who loves women and wants to give her original objects and class, to best enhance their beauty, elegance and contemporary femininity.

MASSIMO TRULLI® is synonymous with style, elegance, style and Italian charm.

  • Academy Award Mira Sorvino
  • Anna K.
  • Lorenzo De Medici
  • Luna Berlusconi
  • Massimo Trulli with the CNEL President and the Egyptian Consul
  • Melba Ruffo Di Calabria
  • Nastyassja Kinski
  • Pamela Prati
  • The Princess Caterina De Medici
  • Renzo Arbore and Massimo Trulli
  • Usher and Massimo Trulli
  • Anna Falchi and Massimo Trulli
  • Barbara Palombelli and Massimo Trulli
  • Carla Gozzi
  • Claudia Gerini
  • Denny Mendez and Oscar Generale
  • Flavia Vento and Massimo Trulli